• Made from Imported Select English Leather for most durable performance
  • Four piece, hand-made, premium Alum Tanned with a thick seam
  • Ideal for Swing and Seam Bowling due to its excellent seam and shape retention
  • Extremely well due to its 7 alternate layers of cork, wool and 80+ stitches, conforming to the MCC regulated 5 & 1/2 ounce balls
  • Four-piece construction
  • Alum Tanned choicest selected leather from first grade hide
  • High abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention
  • Finished in wax and tallow dipped for waterproofing against the elements
  • This ball will comfortably last 80 overs and more in an international or first class match
  • Available in red, white & pink colours
  • Guaranteed for 60 overs
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