At Ganador, our passion for cricket runs deep. The team here in the UK have accumulated over 100 years of experience playing the game we love. With that experience comes a sense of responsibility. We want to give others the same enjoyment the game has given us, and we are in the position to do that. We realise that it could be the first bit of kit that sparks the same passion for cricket that we have.

Our original business was helmets. Protecting players with our cutting edge plastics technologies out of our family-owned factory in Jalandhar. We have been providing helmets for the Indian market for a number of years. We decided to bring our products to the UK, achieving our British Standard kitemark in November 2017. Alongside this, we aim to bring you high-quality, hand-crafted cricket equipment made by master craftsmen in the country where cricket is treated like a religion, India.

So if it is a plastic cricket set for your kids to enjoy a knock about in the back garden you’re after, or a pro grade blade exquisitely crafted by a master bat maker, you’ll find it all here. Regardless of what it is, you can be assured of one thing – it’ll be made with love and passion for the game of cricket which will be reflected in its quality.